Goal of the ASA

The Goal of the American Serama Association

Is to promote the American Serama in accordance with the "Standard of Perfection" and to encourage its development to gain both American Bantam Association (ABA) and American Poultry Association (APA) acceptance and improvement of all its varieties and colors, through breeding, exhibition, and the sharing of information.

Many Opportunities

The ASA offers many opportunities for its members to become involved and also provides exhibition sanctioning, local and state club meets. 

Member Benefits

By joining the ASA, you gain access to the best of the best, including the Top Serama breeders, exhibitioners, judges and other Serama enthusiast with years of experience in showing, breeding and raising Serama for exhibition or just fun. Whether you are showing, breeding, or just enjoying Serama as pets, the ASA has something to offer those of every age.

With this goal in mind

A group of the top Serama breeders and exhibitors in the United States, each with years of experience in breeding and showing Serama, founded the American Serama Association in 2012

Table Top Judging License

If you are interested in becoming a licensed Serama judge a apprenticeship program is offered to members that have been a dues paid member for two years.

Friendly Forum

ASA offers a friendly and easy to use forum for acess to educational materials and posting of questions realated to the breed, in addition to the latest news in showing across the country. Information on Serama health, genetics, color projects, feeding, disease prevention, standards, breeding, incubating and hatching can be found.