Judging Format

American Serama Association Classes for Table Top Shows

American Serama

Frizzled American Serama 

Silkied American Serama 

 Tier I

The above varieties of Serama will be further broken down into Cock, Hen, Cockerel and Pullet classes.

These classes will be evaluated using the score card method.

Select the top 3 or 4 scoring birds from each class (cock, hen, cockerel, pullet) that have scored 70 or above to compete in Tier II.

Tier II

Tier II is comparison judged .

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At no time should more emphasis be placed on any one category than the allotted emphasis granted during Tier I judging.

The top 3 or 4 scoring cock, hen, cockerel and pullets will be comparison judged in their respective classes and a best and reserve will be chosen for each class.

Best cock, hen, cockerel and pullet will move on to Tier III judging.

Tier III


All best, Cock, Hen, Cockerel and Pullet, are comparison judged and Champion of Show is awarded to the winner.

Reserve to the Show Champion is then brought to the table to compete against the three other best of class and a Reserve Champion of Show is selected .

Malaysian Seramas will be shown separate from the American Seramas.