About Us

Dedicated to the Introduction & Promotion of the American Serama

The American Serama Association is a national independent breed club with Sanctioning Authority for Table Top showing of the American Serama .

We are not affiliated with any other Serama breed club.

The ASA takes great pride in our ability to promote the American Serama in all it's varieties.

The ASAhas achieved recognition in the poultry world as the authority on the American Serama and the "Bantam Standard" as accepted by the 

"Standard of Perfection".

We are members of both of the ABA and APA

We will continue to work towards bettering the breed, developing recognized colors and working to include these varieties in the standards of both associations.

Our relationship with both the American Bantam Association and American Poultry Association allows us to maintain a well respected view on the breeding and showing of the American Serama.


The American Serama Association


Proudly supports The American Bantam Association


Proudly supports the American Poultry Association