Judges licensing procedure

Application Requirements

 A member must have been a member of the  American Serama Association for three years before applying for apprenticeship program. Such member shall be at least twenty-one years of age, of good moral character.
 The application shall be accompanied by at least three references that shall be submitted to the ASA Secretary for the records of the association, who will forward it to the Judging and Licensing Committee Chair- who must be a ASA judge.
The applicant shall have a good poultry background in breeding and exhibiting Serama poultry in order to become a competent judge.
The ASA Secretary shall provide the applicant with the ASA application form. Upon completion of the form, it shall be submitted back to the ASA Secretary.

The Licensing of Judges Committee-

Upon receipt of the application, the ASA Secretary shall forward the completed material to the committee Chair so that the references listed may be checked and verified. The chair reserves the right to contact additional breeders or judges as references.The chair shall notify the applicant whether he/she has been accepted as a candidate for a ASA license to judge the Serama poultry. 

Training Period

 The candidate shall be required to take a part in a steward/apprenticeship program.

The Stewardship Program

The candidate shall work as a judges clerk with a minimum of three judges three different shows. During this process the candidate shall observe only.
 The ASA judge can and may ask questions of the candidate during the judging procedure. Or as a option. One of the shows can be met by spending a minuimn of 3 three hours in discussion classes with different recognized breeders approved by the committee.

 Three judges or  2 judges and one breeder shall provide an unbiased evaluation of the candidates performance to the ASA Executive Secretary.

The Apprenticeship Program

The candidate shall act as an Apprentice Judge while a licensed ASA judge performs his duties for one show the apprentice judge shall judge the specimens assigned to the licensed judge and fill out score cards as each bird is judged by the licensed ASA judge,mark score cards and add comments that are to be submitted to the judge.

Judges that apprentice clerks for will submit their recommendations to ASA Executive Secretary.

Written Examination

  After successful completion of the steward/Apprenticeship program, the candidate shall have up to one year to take the written examination under a licensed ASA judge. The examination shall cover considerable detail and general aspects of the American Serama Standard.

. Apprentice must indicate which shows they want to clerk and do exam at with show management’s contact information
Final Results

 The chair shall notify the ASA Secretary promptly as to whether the candidate passed or failed in the first attempt.

The chair or ASA Secretary shall notify the applicant promptly of the results. In the case of a successful completion the ASA Secretary shall issue the newly approved ASA licensed judge a Certificate of judging with its corresponding number on it.

Prior Qualifications Any APA or ABA licensed judge, that meets  the application criteria in all of the provisions listed above; and has judged in the last two years shall have the stewardship program waived.

 He/She is only required to perform the Apprentice program.

Maintain an ASA Judges License

 The new judge shall maintain at least an Individual Adult membership in order to perform as a licensed judge for ASA.
National Poultry Club Suspension.

 Any judge who is suspended from either the American Poultry Association or the American Bantam Association will be suspended from the American Serama Association for like time.

 Any licensed ASA judge is arrears of annual dues for over a period of ninety days shall have his/hers license revoked.

To be re-instated as a licensed judge, the judge shall pay up the dues and a fine of twenty-five dollars.

 All licensed ASA judges shall act as an ASA judge at least once every three years  or attend a seminar provided by the Chair to maintain their status as an ASA Licensed Judge.

Rules on Judging and Exhibiting by Judges

Judges shall not be permitted to judge and show at the same time at any ASA meet. However, a judge may exhibit in an Open Show and may judge a Junior Show simultaneously if it is separate from the Open Show.

Emergency Situations

 a.   A judge listed in a show cancels after the entry deadline for the show has passed, in which case the substitute        judge shall withdraw his/her birds from exhibition.

b.  The number of entries indicates an additional judge should be added, in which case, the additional judge shall       withdraw his/hers birds from competition.

c. A judge cannot complete his/hers assigment during the show, in which case the substitute judge's birds will be eliminated       from the competition and he finishes up judging.