Process to hold a ASA show

 1. Any person wishing to hold a ASA sanctioned Show shall send a request to the secretary of the ASA.
    Include  $25.00 to Paypal.
Send the ASA Secretary a email or call at least a month before show date.

 or (407)405-3188
You receive a show packet
   Score cards
   Quality Ribbons 

 Ribbon Awards

Purple   95-100
Blue   90-94
Red    85-89
White  80-84

   Tally sheets
   Champion & Reserve Champion of show Ribbons

NOTE: If no Seramas are shown after a sanction is issued for the reasons listed in (a) or (b), a free sanction will be granted to your club if you follow the
requirement listed below:
(a) No Seramas were entered/shown, or
(b) Your show was canceled for reasons beyond your control (i.e., bad weather, etc.)

Requirement: In order to comply, you must return your original sanction to the ASA with a written explanation to the ASA Secretary

2. All show reports must be completed and returned to ASA secretary within thirty (30) of the show date.
   must include the Show name, date and who paid the sanction.

3. The ASA show year shall run from January 1st of each year to December 31st of each year.

4. To qualify for ASA points the exhibitor must be a dues paying member of the ASA at the time of the show or must join prior to judging.
    Membership applications and dues may accompany the completed show report.

5. Points will be recorded and reported in the name the member used when joining ASA Members showing in partnerships or under a Serama name need to notify the ASA secretary  of this fact for points to be counted as such.

If any persons in a partnership show under single names, their points will be accumulated under their single name(s).
 The points will not be transferred or combined to the partnership name.
It is your responsibility when entering a show to tell the show secretary if you are entering under a partnership name.
 Be consistent in how you enter shows. Use full names, initials, or partnership names in the same exact way each time you enter a show and ask the show secretary to be sure to record your entry in this manner. Partnerships that dissolve will need to notify the ASA secretary of this fact and the date on which the partnership was dissolved